Shower screens of Ashgrove

The leafy suburb of Ashgrove has some of the finest examples of the classic Queenslander home in all of Australia. These classic houses, built to withstand the humidity and the heat of this state, can often date back to the turn of the century. By virtue of these long lives, their fixtures often need some revival. And the bathroom is a great place to start.

A revamped bathroom lends your house a level of grace and elegance. At All Quality Splashbacks, we specialise in creating the very finest in bathroom fixtures to lend your bathroom a degree of class, one that is lost in the presence of cheaper components.

Our striking Shower Screens, constructed of the very finest toughened glass , come equipped with top-flight hinge and handle hardware. Their thick, pressure-resistant glass is frameless, offering your bathroom a more spacious and uncluttered motif. And we provide some of the most competitive rates to be had anywhere in Queensland.

When you’re ready to revive your Ashgrove bathroom, a shower screen from All Quality Splashbacks could bring about that finishing touch.

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Ashgrove is a suburb of Brisbane, located four kilometres northwest of the central business district. Known for its emphasis on preserving tree life, the area features a high number of classic Queenslander and ‘Ashgrovian’ houses.